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Robert Burton


Great truths

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The Red Queen in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” ordered “Off with their heads” at even the slightest offense.

Today it will not be enough to cut off the heads of the snakes now poisoning young minds. The evil rot they continue to spread has percolated down to every layer of American Society.

Significantly more than simply firing the heads of the Ivy League Universities at Columbia, Harvard, Yale, et alia, needs to be accomplished before America can reverse the tide.

We must “out” every faculty member, whether tenured or not, who teaches woke politics and thereby contributes to the mental insanity now roiling our campuses. They must be fired and encouraged to join the faculties of any new universities founded on the principles of woke and transgender policies. Let the evil and misguided people band together and poison each other.

Ronald Reagan had it right in the 1960s when he charged university administrators and faculty who “press their particular value judgments on students” with “a leadership and a morality gap.” (Cal Thomas, NY Post, April 26, 2024)

The riots now roiling our campuses demonstrate the utter lack of intelligence of our college students today. Many young people now screaming and breaking the law make statements like “I don’t know what intifada means and I wish I were more educated.” What a shocking indictment of America’s education system today! Let’s fire Randi Weingarten too. 

George Soros’ Open Society foundation is reportedly paying people to protest! (Ira Stoll, WSJ April 24, 2024) 

Today’s anti-Israel protestors misunderstand Freedom of Speech on Campus. The First Amendment states “Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise.” 

Universities are supposed to be places where students and faculty can debate politics and other subjects without fear or censure. As the anti-Israel protests spread at Columbia, Yale, Harvard, New York University and elsewhere, however, progressives are claiming that any restriction on the protesters is a violation of free speech. That isn’t true.”   WSJ, April 23, 2024:

“Protesters also don’t have a “right” to assemble on school property to disrupt the functioning of the university or intimidate students on the way to class” and “This new progressive embrace of free speech rings especially hollow after years of student and faculty attempts to ban conservative speakers from campus and punish students for alleged micro-aggressions.Those who once claimed speech is violence now claim violence is speech. They don’t understand the Constitution any better than they understand the Middle East. Please read the full article here. 

Patriotic and sensible Americans are not in control right now. Idiotic Woke Americans now in power hold beliefs, half-truths, and outright lies that prevent good Americans from taking positive action. The army of immature minds whose only education comes from social media is dangerous to a healthy America and to our free world.

The protestors demonstrating their support for the murderous terrorists of Hamas have forgotten one very important part of the freedom of speech. Americans are free to say and do as they please, so long as we never curtail or trample on the rights of others.

This November America has the chance to right our ship again. Americans need to rediscover Great Truths and take positive action. Please be responsible and vote intelligently.

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These are my thoughts on OFF WITH THEIR HEADS today, April 29, 2024

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