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What “Deep State”? - May 15, 2023

What “Deep State”?

Please read former Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s thoughtful and cogent summary of what everyone knows is the all too potent, irresponsible and destructive Deep State in government today (WSJ, May 9).

If his facts are correct, there are 2.2 million federal government employees but only 4,000 of them are political appointees that the president can remove at will. The vast majority of the career employees enjoy civil service protections that make it extremely difficult to remove them. And they know it. Here’s the real kicker: if the former Secretary is correct, Democrats outnumber Republicans by “nearly 2 to 1 among career federal employees.” This smacks to me of a deeply entrenched partisan bureaucracy.

While one can hope and pray that most federal employees follow the law and not their personal prejudices, several recent events indicate that might not be true. The Hunter Biden laptop letter, signed by some 51 “former intelligence officials” as Russian disinformation, was organized by the FBI and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Together with Facebook and Twitter they buried the NY Post article exposing what turned out to be the truth and thus may well have influenced our last election.

To this day the FBI still refuses to give Congress the informant file alleging VP Biden took bribes. The Supreme Court seems dedicated to the originalist concept of the separation of powers and has made it easier to sue the administrative state for violations.

Like Secretary Bernhardt, I remain optimistic that the Constitution, the rule of law and common sense will one day soon prevail again over the outlaw career criminals entrenched in the Deep State.

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D. Christian

D. Christian

May 17, 2023

Right on about very important facts

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