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Robert Burton


Great truths

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THE AXIS of EVIL MUST NOT TRIUMPH - October 15, 2023


There is no denying that Hamas has committed murder and heinous atrocities against the people of Israel and the world at large. Those who support or remain silent about this matter are immoral. “Document everything,” Dwight D. Eisenhower told the troops when they liberated the survivors of the death camps in Germany. “Some day some sonofabitch is going to say this never happened.” How very prescient of that great human being.

Today Hamas and their sponsors in Iran and around the world are only the most visible part of today’s “Axis of Evil.” The other members of the squad are Xi in Communist China, Putin in Communist Russia, and the hidden supporters of the violence and hatred among us in the free world.
When you are strong you can vanquish evil. When you are weak, you can only beg.

Americans are not beggars! This great Democratic Republic is the light of the free world and those who would undermine the great and noble work we do are the enemies of freedom and morality.

These enemies in our schools, our governments, our press and our industries must be identified and eliminated by whatever peaceful means possible. And if peaceful means are not effective, force will undoubtedly erupt.

Prepare yourselves Americans. It will not be pretty.

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These are my thoughts on The Axis of Evil today, October 15, 2023

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