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Robert Burton


Great truths

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Thanksgiving - November 23, 2023


I give thanks today that I was born – for that alone is a one in a million chance.

I am deeply grateful for my mother – she raised me well and taught me so much. 

I am grateful for my father, my sister and all my family members who came before me. And I am grateful for my son and his family and all our future descendants.

I am grateful for Nicole.

I am grateful that I believe in God and have the freedom to practice that belief here in America.

I am grateful for my education and my ability to think – sometimes even sensibly!

I am grateful that good will always triumph over evil.

I’m grateful for all the mistakes I have made for they taught me lessons I could not have learned in any other way.  

I’m grateful I no longer cling to the delusions of my youth.

I’m lucky that I understand what I have in me is more valuable than what I have around me.

I’m grateful that I am and have enough.

I am grateful for the air I breathe, the food I eat, the roof over my head, the farmhouse my great grandfather built, and our garden where Nicole and I raise healthy vegetables and fruit.

I am grateful to have true friends that love and respect me.

I am grateful to live in America.

I sense America’s pendulum is swinging away from wrongdoing and toward the light.

I believe that more and more Americans are regaining their common sense.

I am grateful we all share extraordinary goodness deep down inside our hearts. 

Finally, I am grateful that I woke up this morning and that God has given me yet another chance to at least try to get it right.

For November 23, 2023

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