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Robert Burton


Great truths

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Seize the Joy of Living Every Day! - May 15, 2023

Seize the Joy of Living Every Day!

The gift of life is renewed every morning for all living creatures. Each sunrise allows every single one of us the opportunity to make the most of the day.

While life can be filled with challenges and pain, those who greet the world each day with a smile and a generous outlook tend to have richer and happier lives. People who look for ways to help other people find joy in the process.

When difficulties present themselves, we have a choice. How will we react? Can we accurately see the situation in perspective and realize that the present difficulty is likely but a passing cloud? It is not what happens to us that matters as much as how we choose to react to what happens to us.

Take a deep breath, take a walk outside and enjoy the weather. Get a little exercise. Sing a song. Say a brief and quiet prayer. Tell someone you care about that you love them. Call a friend who needs to hear your voice. Write a letter to someone who will appreciate hearing from you. Notice the birds singing. Hear the rustle of the wind in the trees. Feel the sunlight and the wind on your face.

Know that you are alive and that there is a good reason that you exist. We must look for the good in our lives every day. Then we can truly realize what a wonderful world this is!

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