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Nonsense 2: Gender - February 2, 2023

Nonsense 2: Gender

Gender is a fact established at conception and verified and recorded at birth. We are born either male or female.  There is NO ambiguity about this fact.

But children are also born with a brain. And the brain of a child is unformed and subject to great influence from parents, churches, teachers, other children, and social media.  The human brain generally develops from birth to majority or 16-21 years of age. Before majority most human beings are incapable of accurate independent thought.

What a boy or a girl or a teenager or a man or a woman begins to think about their gender affects and shapes their behavior.  As very young children we play together and treat nakedness without any problem whatsoever. We become aware of our nakedness and gender differences slowly. Puberty starts chemical changes in the bodies of both genders.

Females can start ovulating as early as 10 years of age and males begin to get deeper voices in their early teens. Both sexes begin to grow hair around their private parts around the same time and this is a critical stage in a child’s development.

I believe the greatest criminal act you can commit against a child is to violate them sexually before they have the mental and emotional capacity to understand what is happening. You are murdering that child’s innocence.

Adults often forget that children are perfect recording devices. If parents say one thing and behave in another way, CHILDREN NOTICE!  Parents consciously and unconsciously communicate specific messages to young children.

The media is the single worst influence on young minds today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and their policies deliberately promote confusion. They all have an agenda. Witness the transgender explosion among young people and the chaos and animosity being created.

The news media, advertising and Hollywood show homosexual relationships as acceptable and desirable. Most societies today accept homosexuality in consenting adults. However, indoctrinating childlike minds prior to their ability to distinguish between what is good and what is not good for themselves and for society at large is a crime against humanity.


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