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Liars from Wuhan to Congress - April 12, 2023

Liars from Wuhan to Congress

The ability to quickly spot someone who is lying is a talent that all of us desperately need. When I was young it was easy to spot the bad guys – they all wore black hats in my favorite cowboy movies. If only it were that easy today. What physical characteristics do liars display?  Study them carefully and remember them!  

  •  They are unable to meet someone’s gaze calmly and directly.
  •  They avert their eyes.
  • They let their eyes glaze over to hide the truth.
  • They always know they are lying.
  • Their palms are sweaty.
  • They refuse to answer questions simply.
  • They get angry when confronted.
  • They stonewall everyone who questions them.
Have you ever noticed that the people who complain and create disturbances at banks or grocery stores are usually trying to do something dishonest?

I keep wondering why we don’t permit courts to print “Liar” or “Thief” in indelible ink on guilty foreheads and simply release them into the public again rather than incarcerate them. The ink will wear off within a few weeks and perhaps the humiliation might encourage those people to change their ways.

When I observe people speaking, I first listen to what they say and how they say it. I reserve judgment about the truth until I know the facts.

China and Xi Jinping stonewalled and refused access to the Wuhan Lab when the world wanted to study the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. They tightly control all news information and to this day refuse to acknowledge their part in the deaths of over 6 million people worldwide.

Do you think they are lying and perhaps have something to hide?

Vladimir Putin says the purpose for his war in the Ukraine is to “prevent genocide and the Nazification of the people of Ukraine.” Yet he tightly controls all news information in Russia and his people are believed to be unaware of what is really happening. Do you think he is lying and has something to hide?

Mark Zuckerberg claims he wants to improve Facebook and pretends to be \ fair and non-judgmental. I do not believe him. I’m convinced he’s only interested in purloining more money from those of us who use his dangerous creation. His vast and secretive army of programmers is highly paid to create ever more algorithms to waste our time and to increase his wealth. Note the negative influence Facebook and Instagram already have over us and our children. The users of his companies are as lambs being led to the slaughter.

He and his companies deliberately influenced the 2020 elections. It took a long time for the public to learn about the $400 million he gave to Democratic candidates in swing districts.

The fact is Facebook, Twitter and Liberal Media deliberately buried the Hunter Biden facts and promoted the Christopher Steele/Russian disinformation lies paid for by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

When you have significant numbers of people in the FBI, the Secret Service, the Justice Department and Democratic donors vouching for the integrity of the Russian influence in our country – all based on lies – we have a problem.

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