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Is DEI Good or Bad for America? - May 15, 2023

Is DEI Good or Bad for America? 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are concepts open to discussion and generating a great deal of dissension. I am not a fan of this movement except in very limited situations. In fact, I am shocked and sad to discover how many (mostly American) companies have hired a DEI specialist within the past two years. Before then I don’t believe it was an issue worth considering to most decent Americans.

When I think of Diversity I remember the fact that most races and cultures tend to live and work together with their own kind. This is normal and has been true throughout the history of this world. A common language, history and manner of living encourage bonding and for the most part, people literally choose to remain separate. Companies that promote Diversity today are reacting to their personal perceived need to remain politically correct. When I have a job to fill I have only two questions: 1) can you do the job, and 2) are you pleasant to be around?

I care nothing about a person’s color, religion, ethnic origin or sex. I only care about their ability to perform and to work harmoniously with their peers. And if they can do the job and have a difficult personality, I will not hire them. I want my life filled with people who like each other and enjoy working together.

When I think of Equity, I recall Aristotle – “the worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” I believe and value individual effort and achievement. I will not give a job to someone because I have a quota to fill. If an individual has the proper qualifications, they have earned the right for me to consider them a candidate.

Compatibility is far more important to me than measuring someone against an arbitrary and very personal implied prejudice. And when I think of Inclusion, I know that I give everyone the opportunity to present their qualifications to me. I don’t exclude anyone. In truth, many people exclude themselves from consideration with their attitude.

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