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Robert Burton


Great truths

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We “deplorables” – thank you, Hillary – need to sharpen our wits and learn how to spot the immoral and just plain crazy ideas of the disconnected liberal elite as fast as possible. 

We need to know who the bad people are. Then we need to fight back.

Both Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal and Isaac Schorr of the New York Post recently detailed the results of the Scott Rasmussen RMG Research poll for the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. The results are very interesting and reveal the great divide between common sense Americans and the overeducated elitists now in control of our country.

Rasmussen’s methodology sampled “a postgraduate degree, earning more than $150,000 per year, and living in a high-density area” for elites versus “everyone else.”

  • 74-88% of Elites say their finances are getting better versus 20% of the rest of voters
  • 84% of Elites have a favorable approval of President Biden’s versus 40% from non-elites
  • 89% of Elites rate university professors favorably
  • 79% of Elites rate journalists favorably
  • 78% of Elites rate lawyers and union leaders favorably
  • 67% of Elites rate members of Congress favorably
  • 66% of Elites prefer a candidate who said teachers, not parents, should decide what children are taught.
  • And here’s the most shocking result: 50% of Elites believe the US provides “too much individual freedom” versus 60% of voters who believe there is too much “government control.”

Who are these elite? As Kimberley Strassel writes, “while this elite is small, its members are prominent in every major institution of American power, from media to universities to government to Wall Street, and have become more intent on imposing their agenda from above.” 

These elitist views are sending America down a rabbit hole toward self-destruction. And we deplorables are at the forefront of the battle against them. 

I wrote recently that I believe wokeness is in retreat. It cannot happen quickly enough for me. From Bernie Sanders, to AOC, Black Lives Matter, and Defund the Police, Americans must identify, and shout out bad people and their malignant policies. “A barking dog is often more valuable than a sleeping lion.”

Next week I will be offering my thoughts on just who needs to be voted out of power.

The people need the Truth. Abraham Lincoln – “Let the people know the truth and the country is safe.” 

Let’s elect people with integrity who are willing to fight for the ideas that can help restore America to its rightful place as the guiding light for the entire world. 

What do you think? 

These are my thoughts on HEALING AMERICA – THE SOLUTIONS – PART II for today, February 5, 2024

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