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Robert Burton


Great truths

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“First, let’s kill all the lawyers” – William Shakespeare - April 14, 2023

“First, let’s kill all the lawyers” – William Shakespeare

A good lawyer is a valuable friend. And there are certainly a vast number of good lawyers. Sadly, there are also dishonest lawyers. While true of all professions and classes of human beings, I only want to know and to work with good people. I have been extremely fortunate to meet and to work with some wonderful lawyers over my 44 years in New York City.

Thomas Jefferson was a lawyer. He helped draft the Declaration of Independence and is responsible for much of our Constitution. Abraham Lincoln was also a lawyer before he became president. “Honest Abe” they called him. Both men were statesmen above all and possessed great vision and moral wisdom.

Telling the truth and being honorable can and should be every lawyer’s sworn oath. To an evil attorney, the possibility of personal gain is often too tempting to pass up. And lawyers come across opportunities for personal gain almost every day. Many lawyers lie. And the lawyer who lies under oath is the most despicable of creatures.

“When bad men combine, the good must associate, else they will fall one by one” – Edmund Burke

And those lawyers who file frivolous lawsuits for personal gain ambulance chasers – place an undue burden on the judicial system and cost the courts, businesses and taxpayers unnecessary time and vast sums of money defending those lawsuits.

Dishonest attorneys who become judges pervert justice. Add personal prejudice and we have a system completely out of control. Bad lawyers in government service promote mischief in our great nation. Witness the number of lawyers now holding office in our Senate and our House of Representatives. Are there any liars among them?

I suggest that a national law be passed that any lawyer who is found guilty of lying under oath be disbarred for life.

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