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Defund the Police is Pure Stupidity! - April 17, 2023

Defund the Police is Pure Stupidity!

“We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” – Ronald Reagan

Children and animals need and in fact crave discipline. If you do not enforce discipline you will have misbehaving children. Misbehaving children become misbehaving adults. It all starts in the family. If there is no father in the home and discipline is handled only by a single mother, she will be overwhelmed. Most likely she’ll have to hold down a full-time job and raise children in her so-called “free time.” My mother did that and she had a very difficult time working full-time and raising my sister and me with minimal financial help and no male presence.

Progressives today shout, cry and whine but I believe they are seriously misguided if they think that social justice can replace or overcome lack of respect for authority and discipline. And when a parent tells the child not to do something or they will get punished and the child does it anyway and does not get punished what do they learn? They learn that the parent doesn’t mean what they say. Sadly, that makes too many children believe that a parent doesn’t love them.

Very few policemen abuse their authority. They are hard-working Americans who risk their lives every day at their jobs. They deserve our nation’s respect. The battle cry of progressives that police unfairly target black lawbreakers doesn’t hold water. Every study has shown that the vast majority of crimes committed by people of color far exceeds the percentage of the population they represent.

Here’s a fact that charlatans like Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter proponents try to hide or explain away – most murders against Black people are committed by other Black people. This is a fact and progressives become angry at you when you are bold enough to point out this truth.

It has taken more than a year for the progressive cities who did defund their police departments to acknowledge that crime has spiked in their now lawless cities. If we don’t enforce the law, criminals like children will continue to break the law. And only now that crimes have skyrocketed are ever more progressives beginning to regain their sanity and say “yes, we do need and want the police.” But try not to be too amused or angry when you realize they neither acknowledge nor apologize for the error of their ways. As the brilliant black Thomas Sowell puts it: “Facts are not liberals’ strong suit – rhetoric is!”

I have the highest respect for the police of New York City. Even under DeBlasio, the single worst mayor we have ever had, our police tried to do their jobs right. For years I have made a personal effort to stop and thank every police officer I pass for their service. They universally break into big smiles and are grateful that someone acknowledges their value in this once great city of ours.

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