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Robert Burton


Great truths

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BE NOT ASLEEP AMERICA - December 7, 2023


American defenses were asleep on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

And Osama bin Laden caught us asleep again on September 11, 2001.

Good Americans want to believe what evil people say. We rarely heed the voice of our own common sense about their lies. We are a trusting nation.

Israeli defenses were asleep on October 7 when Hamas attacked, murdered, raped and seized hostages without warning. 

The aftermath of this heinous terrorist attack is now exposing just how deeply Americans are divided. The initial horror of the attack subsided almost immediately. Aided by the ignorance and socialism in our midst, our media soon turned many groups against Israel and praised and defended the murdering attackers. 

Israel understands antisemitism. They remember the Holocaust. They have been extraordinarily careful to document the war crimes that Hamas continues to commit with the full support of Iran. Yet Israel is attacked mercilessly for defending itself against an aggressor that hides fighters and munitions below hospitals and among its own civilian population. 

How deep is the ignorance and stupidity of our young student idealists? How misguided are the politicians and the activists? How crazy are people who refuse to admit the truth even when the irrefutable truth is presented to them?

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still,” as my mother used to say.

Prejudice worldwide is getting stronger and now it’s pervasiveness is being exposed.

  • Witness the lies of the Squad, Randi Weingarten, Adam Schiff, Putin and Xi
  • Study the obfuscations of Claudine Gay and Elizabeth Magill and Sally Kornbluth
  • Note the evasive answers of Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, Mark Zuckerberg and
  • Wake up to wokeness, illegal immigration, transgender, crime and homelessness.

Americans are waking up – “Houston, we have a problem.” 

When brave Americans like Bill Ackman call for the resignations of the presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT for their disgraceful moral turpitude I sense a ray of light and hope in America.

The anger is finally boiling over in righteous Americans. We have little or no confidence in our compromised government officials. When I see what is becoming of New York, California and Illinois under liberal democrats, I fear for our future. When I travel the states in between those extreme cases of lunacy, a glimmer of hope returns.

And that leads me to today’s thought.

I have noticed a distinct uptick in the desire of American groups to arm themselves under the second amendment. According to the Wall Street Journal (Nov 29) (, 66% of Republicans, 45% of Independents, and 41% of Democrats now are gun voter households. And this is what I find most interesting: “Notable, though, is that the numbers are increasing the fastest on the left side of the aisle. In 2019, 64% of Republican voters reported that their household had a firearm, compared with 33% of Democrats. The figure for Republicans has risen two points over four years, compared with eight for Democrats.

Twenty-four percent of black voters were in gun households in 2019. Today it’s 41%,up 17 points. Over the same period, the number for white voters rose three points, to 56% from 53%. Could this increase in black ownership be related to self-defense concerns amid the runup in urban crime?”

The good that could come about as a result of the horrors of October 7th is that it might force America and the world to look at itself honestly in the mirror.

My hope is that we can all resolve this peaceably.

Yes, Americans are a trusting people. But be not asleep America as we are not stupid.

Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

What do you think? 

These are my thoughts on “Be Not Asleep America” today, December 7, 2023

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